Nonverbaltraining.com is the first training tool in nonverbal communication that uses applicability methods. The training is based on “seeing and learning” method. Real life situations where included in the application, which allow you to apprehend more accurate the beautiful and mysterious body language.

Nonverbal communication represents almost 93% of our daily communication. Understand it, gives us an advantage. We would be able to understand others better, to communicate our ideas better and even be able to spot possible liars, or be better readers of seduction signals.

Step 1

Our training is based on images, situations, in which you have to “discover” the nonverbal communication. We created real life situations that you will find very useful: negotiations, interviews, office relations, seduction, flirting and even politicians and Hollywood stars will be in our training application.

You will be able to track your journey in nonverbal communication by a system of ranking and a history of training.

The team behind the nonverbaltraining.com website and application is prepared to give you a very useful tool that will improve your everyday life.
Web designers, photo team, actors and nonverbal communication specialists are working together for you.

Have fun!

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