Representing almost 93% of our everyday communication, nonverbal communication should be on the top on our training list.

Many people believe that verbal communication (the words) is the the most important one. Well, they are wrong. Verbal communication represents just a small part of our daily communication. Gestures, cloths, tone of our voice and artifacts are more important, being received by others better than verbal communication.

Nonverbal Training application is a very useful tool in understanding nonverbal  communication. It’s based on real life situations that we created to train you for everyday life.

The application will be divided in modules: Basic Module (the starting module, with beginner and advanced options), Basic Module upgrades (with beginner and advanced options) and Special Modules (specific situations modules – ex.: Job interview Module, Politicians Module, Flirting and Seduction Module, etc.). New modules will be uploaded every month, in order for you to have new and exited challenges. To access the modules you need to have a valid subscription.

The application consists of 3 important steps:

Step 1
Identify the nonverbal elements presented in a situation.

Step 1

Step 2
Choose the interpretation of the situation.

Step 2

Step 3
The results for your test will appear.

Step 3

Improving your skills in nonverbal communication is made by continuous training: observing, identifying and learning.
One of the biggest mistakes that nonverbal communication trainees do is judging someone after identifying one gesture.

Gestures are like words in a sentence. If you read one word, you understand it, but you can’t be sure of its meaning in that specific situation, without reading the entire sentence. The same way works with the gestures.

You have to “read” all in order to make a decision. You must put together a “sentence” of gestures and other nonverbal elements.
To be clearer: crossed arms are usually associated with a negative and closed attitude, but we use the same gesture when we are cold or we want to relax our arms.

So, we have to be very careful when we interpret, and take into account all nonverbal elements and the situation in which the gestures occurred.

Our training is based on these clusters of nonverbal elements that we need to observe.
Real life situations are very important in our training because we find ourselves facing them every day at the office, on the road, in a bar or at home. Being able to “read” and understand them more than others, gives you a very important advantage.

Enjoy training and start “seeing”!

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